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Volunteers’ last day in Cave Park Grabovača

07/31/2015 Our volunteers from France reached the end of their path and work in Cave Park Grabovača on the project Karst4U: Discover undiscovered, funded by the Agency for Mobility and EU programs . Today , 31st of July, 2015 , they are going to Zagreb where they will continue to travel to their cities full of impressions . Judging by what Continue Reading

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The implementation and completion of the Summer School

Within the project Karst4U Discover Undiscovered in Cave Park Grabovača, the Summer School has come to an end in which participants, children aged 6 to 15 years, learned how to make useful objects from recycled materials. They made ornaments out of old tires, learnt how to felt wool under the leadership of Josipa Milković from the association "Gargaše". They made big Continue Reading

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Volunteers’ field trip to Northern Velebit National Park and Kuterevo

Within the project Karst4U Discover Undiscovered our volunteers and staff visited the Northern Velebit National Park and Bears Refuge Kuterevo. First they visited beautiful Zavižan, on an unforgettable journey with Velebit Tours, during hot days, they were met by a resurgence of 23 degrees celsius and a beautiful view of the sea from the top of Velika Kosa (1622m) in the mountain lodge Continue Reading

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Medina špilja – Bear’s Cave

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Surrounded by beauty

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River Lika

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Volunteers – Belgia 2013

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Speleological school

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