The underground world of caves and pit caves has forever attracted humans. Water enriched with dissolved carbon dioxide has, with its mechanical and chemical force, devastated and melted carbonate rocks on the relief surface and in the depths of the Grabovača underground. Numerous limestone pavements, pools, sinkholes on the surface and caves and pit caves in the underground were built in that way.

Cave park Grabovača is the only cave park in Croatia. Its caves and limestone formations provide visitors a chance to "step back" into geological time thousands of years. Only touristic cave in the park is the cave Samograd. The remaining caves are all different sizes and shapes. Some can be explored by walking while others can best be seen by crawling.
A beautiful trail system links the caves, formations, and viewpoints while providing an exciting hiking experience.
The park has its own beauty each season of the year. Spring wildflowers give way to the lush green growth of summer. Fall brings dramatic hues of yellow, gold and crimson. Snow transforms the park into a winter wonderland. Whatever the season, Cave park Grabovača has something special to offer.
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