- closed for the public –

Amidžina cave is located on the western slopes of Šutića vrh hill (787m asl). The cave was formed along a system of E-W cracks, in the Upper Cretaceous limestones. The object consists of two parts, front smaller on and second larger one that is shaped as an elongated hall. Special features of the cave are pure white calcite formations, and in some places red-brown colour because of the presence of iron oxides in strained water. The cave’s entrance is of smaller dimensions and is opened towards west.

Amidžina cave has been protected as a geomorphological monument of nature since 1964.

* In order to enter into the other hall one needs ladders or stairs, lack of which is responsible for preserving and leaving Amidžina cave almost intact. And we wish to keep it that way!

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According to 2010 speleological research, the real length of Amidžina cave is 127.8m. Mirko Malez made the first plan of Amidžina cave in 1962 where he stated that the length is 63m. First attempts to open the cave for touristic visits were made around the year 1920.