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If we want our children to grow up into people who will take care of the environment and have a developed system of ecological values, we need to start at an earliest age and enable them to learn about nature in nature.

The basic idea of all of the workshops is familiarising children with the importance of nature preservation for future generations – familiarising them with the term sustainable development. In all of the workshops special attention is given to karst relief features and the ecology condition and problems of karst areas. People have been endangering their life environment and drinking water sources with their behaviour, throwing waste into speleological object. The goal of the workshops is raising awareness about karst value and the need for its protection. By achieving that goal we expect a positive change of behaviour that should result in a more beautiful and healthy environment, and with that, better life conditions in the whole Lika-Senj County.

We suggest workshops adapted for a certain children age, but there is a possibility of combining them – by agreement. The workshops are organized on field.

A positive Expert opinion from the Education agency about our Program of educational-ecological workshops in Cave Park Grabovača.




imagined as an educational game for kindergarten children and pupils in the first and second grade of elementary school. The aim of the game is to solve all the animal species in the PP Grabovača area by solving puzzles. (Duration: 50 min)



introduction children trought games with caves and her wondrous inhabitants - bats. There will be a cave of paper, clay jewelery, and of course, little beings - bats. Through the game "How to be a bat" kids will walk through the maze orienteering only with the sounds. Children will learn more about cave jewelery - stalactites and stalagmites through the game and with the help of the "Kapljica i kamen" picture book. The workshop is intended for kindergarten children and 1st and 2nd grade primary school pupils. (Duration: 50 min)



 LOST TREASURE HUNT Using a compass, a map and written instructions, hidden treasure hunters try out the acquired knowledge of nature orientation, make handy hourglass, use maps and compasses, and learn about modern GPS technology. For pupils from 3rd to 5th grades of primary school. (Duration: 50 min)




learning about the development of cartography from prehistory to the present day, understanding of the connection between geography and cartography, observing the development of man's image of the earth's surface (from the understanding that the earth is flat to the knowledge that the earth is a ball), noticing the difference between topographic and thematic maps, determining the altitude by means of an isohip, measuring the distance on the map with the ruler and the curvator ... (about 50 minutes) - for the pupil from the 6th to the 8th grade of the elementary school.



The aim of the workshop is to introduce students with the basics of topography: finding the nort, using maps, azimuth determination, compass and GPS work, determination of base points and knowledge of basic cartographic signs. Workshop consists of lectures and field work. It is expected that after all basic knowledge students will by themselfe solve all given tasks. Apart from orientation, the goal of the workshop is to understand the importance of work and movement in the team. The workshop is intended for high school students.



it is asked from the students to find the shortest path from start to finish with compass, map and physical preparation. (Duration: 50 min) - For the pupils of 7th and 8th grade of elementary school.