Educational trail MAN AND KARST brings you a historical journey of human way of life in this region and their impact on the nature. Trail goes by three caves and one pit, through the beech and hornbeam forest all the way to the top of hill Grabovača, the most beautiful viewpoint in the park. View of river Lika valley and mesmerising mythical mountain Velebit
is a truly unique and unforgetable experience.

Length of the full trail: 3.5km (2h)
Short trail (viewpoint): 1.5km (45min)

Educational trail MIRKO MALEZ is made in an honor of Croatian pioneer of speleology and connects five caves in the park. Malez was an academic who made the first detailed plans of all the caves in the park, back in 1946.
While walking through our forests and meadows, surrounded by untouched nature, you will realise why Mirko Malez was
fascinated with the landscape of Grabovača hill.

Length of the full trail: 2 km (1,5h)

Educational trail FLORA passes through the meadows of Šutića vrh hill into the forest towards caves Medina and Amidžina.
Learn something interesting and new about floral world of Grabovača, area of biodiversity full of geological features of Dinaric
karst relief.

Length of the full trail: 1.3km (45min)

Educational trail FAUNA provides some information about protected, endangered and NATURA2000 animal species in the park,
on a route from the souvenir shop towards cave Samograd.

Length of the full trail: 750m (15min)

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