Cave park as an area with high recreational values ​ is intended also for recreational activities.

Recreational activities are permitted only at for that designated locations.

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Sports - recreational trail
Well-maintained trail is 2.5 km long and along  the trail are placed exercise equipment, (total - 7 devices) which are for performing the exercises that covers the muscles around the body. The trail is also suitable for the combination of running and exercise.


Cycling trails
A network path length of 150 km in Perušić and during the year is planned to set up an additional 150 km in Kosinj. You can rent bicycles in the souvenire shop of the Cave Park.


Grass courts for volleyball and indoor football

Situated near the souvenir shop in Cave park  Grabovača.


Kayaks - on river Lika


Visiting, sightseeing, exploration and all other activities in speleological objects such as caves and potholes or the surface above them, according to Article 48 of the Nature Protection Law (Official Gazette no. 70/05), are not allowed without permission from the competent ministry together with the consent of the Public Institution.

Entry and guided tour, is permitted only in the cave Samograd.

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