Approved the Erasmus+ Project: Think Green, Act For Future!

2016 – 01 -27


As a part of the Erasmus+ program, the Agency for Mobility and European union programs Zagreb approved to the public institution the third volunteer project  „Discover Croatia: Think Green,  Act For Future!“. The Contract of Allocating Financial Support for Project was signed 18th January 2016. The project  was registered in partnership with two associations from Spain – Juvenil Intercambria Association from Malaga and Building Bridges Association from Madrid.

The estimated duration of the project is seven months - from 1st April until 31st October 2016. Fifteen volunteers from Spain are coming to Cave park Grabovača and will spend there about a month (4th July – 11st August 2016)

The common aim of the project is giving a possibility to young people from different environments (ethnic, cultural, religious) to improve their knowledge and to raise the awareness of value of the natural heritage and its potential for sustainable development of a rural area.

Through this project young people will be allowed to participate in the process of making decisions in the Public institution; volunteers will be enabled to express their opinion about development of the local community, environment, intercultural relationships and various social themes by their personal projects. The public institution will achieve with volunteers and with existing resources more then it could achieve by itself. The implementation of this project is investing in knowledge of employees by creating a modern and dinamic work environment; achiving cooperation with EU countries to transfer the knowledge, exchange the experience and create the international level. Through this project volunteers and young people from the local community will have an opportunity to learn a foreign language.

Besides numerous project activities, it will also be organized basic spanish course for the local children and the 4th summer school „Grabovača 2016“.



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