19.05.2014. 14:57:40

During last week, in the area of Cave Park Grabovača, 85 of biology students, members of BIUS (Biology students association) were situated within the research-educational project “Grabovača 2014”. The main task of the project is to list all the species of the wider area of CP Grabovača. The collected data will give a good insight of the biodiversity of the wider area of CP Grabovača and will be useful as guidelines and starting points for further research in the Park’s area. Special attention will be given to qualifying species, i.e. the species found in special types of habitats, respectively the areas important for the preservation or establishment of the favourable condition of endangered and rear habitat types and wild species, in the national and European level. The habitat types and wild species endangered in Europe are regulated in the EU Bird Directive, Habitat Directive and Bern Convention. Furthermore, by analysing results the endemic species of the specific area as well as the ones that are endangered will be found and the reasons of their endangerment determined.

For the successful solving of all manmade problems it is necessary to bring them to consciousness of local residents. As it’s known, it is best to start the education from young age. That’s why the members of BIUS will hold a couple of lectures in elementary and high schools of the surrounding area. Till today, they held lectures in Elementary school Perušić, Elementary school Lički Osik and High school Gospić.

To make the entire on field collected data available to the wider public, a web page will be created. The web page will hold basic project data and all research results. An Almanac of the research work with a detailed analysis of the collected data and a proposal for solving the problems of the wider area of CP Grabovača will be made. 126 people, thereof 88 BIUS members, 21 external associates and 15 foreign students will participate in the project.

This project if of international character, considering that besides the Croatian students and their mentors, biology students from Slovenia, Macedonia and Serbia will also participate. Further research continues in the first week of August, 2014.

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