stablo1The beauty of Grabovača has always attracted plenty of attention from hikers and visitors for whom these green oases of peace represent a refuge to escape the bustle and crowds of the city. In  2009, this area was protected in the category of significant lanscape, because of its exceptional landscape values, numerous speleological objects and  valuable cultural and historical heritage. However, there is one very specific thing to bear in mind when speaking about tourism in protected areas: visiting these areas must not in any way degrade the natural or human-made features for which the protection was declared in the first place.

In order to preserve this oasis of greenery and peace, here are the rules of behavior in Cave park Grabovača:


It is forbidden to throw litter or contaminate air, soil and water in any other way;


Visitors can move around the Park only in areas and paths that are marked and intended for sightseeing and visiting;


If you choose to ride a bicycle, keep on the cycling trails;


Visitors of the Cave park can enter the Park on the spots defined as Park entrances, where they can buy admission tickets. Visitors are obliged to keep their admission ticket during their stay, movement and sightseeing;


It is forbidden to pick, collect and remove the autochthonous plants and mushroom from their habitat;
It is forbidden to scatter, harass, disturb, catch, hurt and kill protected animal species;


Off road driving is forbidden in the Park's area;


It is forbidden to make fire and camp in the park;


It is forbidden to destroy cave jewellry;


Do not damage any property of the protected area, it is there for your information and recreation!

Help preserve Grabovača's nature by respecting the relevant regulations.The ranger service is in charge of maintaining order in the protected area and will apply sanctions according to the regulations!