Cave park Grabovača, located in Perušić, is the only cave park in Europe which allows visitors to experience the past, thousands of years back.

Why Cave Park Grabovača?

    • Because the visit to Cave Park is an outstanding experience for all nature lovers
    • Because you will experience a spectacular descent into the magical karst underground 
    • Because you will enjoy this exceptional and educational experience of splendid nature 
    • Because you should discover and explore this beautiful place, which is ideal for a family trip 


When you come to the Cave park the first thing you must visit is beautifull cave Samograd. Cave Samograd is a true work of nature and a great place to get acquainted with the underground world. The cave is about 345 m long and offers an impressive insight into the many shapes of its glittering rocks. Solid footwear and warm clothes are recommended because the average temperature in the cave is 8°C. 

After visiting the cave you can choose to walk on education trails (3 educational trails in the Park) or you can choose to rest on many beautifull sites in park. But we recomend you that you do not miss the opportunity to visit the “Man and karst“ educational trail on hill Grabovača. The trail is about 3 km long and the tour takes about 2 hours. Along the trail there are 20 information panels that will tell you a very interesting story of coexistence of man and karst.The trail also leads to Vidikovac, a viewpoint with a rest stop, which offers an unforgettable view of Gospić, the Velebit Mountain and the canyon of the Lika River - the second-largest subterranean river in Europe.

It takes only a 10-minute drive to reach the Cave Park Grabovača from the highway (exit Perušić). Near the parking lot there is a playground for children and other amenities include a belvedere with forest organs, hobit house, a small lake and a lot of resting spots. 


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