Hello dear visitor!

While planing a trip to this undiscovered place, here are some tips from us.

You should definitely visit cave Samograd. It's amazing 🙂

Hike around the park and learn something new on our educational trails (or take a shortcut to the viewpoint).

We offer you to explore Pan's labyrinth,  Little lake or Herbal garden, or simply enjoy the nature on eco playground for kids (there's coffee for adults).  

Cave park entrance is not that hard to find.
Exit Perušić highway A1 - follow the signs in the centre, drive 2,5km.
Please use google maps: here's the location.

You'll be visiting region called Lika, homeland of wolves and bears (so still not a lot of tourists). Feel free to discover some other places 🙂

Check our prices here, and if there's something else you need
feel free to contact us any time 🙂

Rules of behaviour

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