Cave Park Grabovača

Unique Cave Park in Europe
Protected landscape


In order to preserve rich geodiversity, biodiversity, landscape and cultural diversity, in November 2019. the area "Risovac-Grabovača" is permanently protected in the category of protected landscape.

Protected landscape RISOVAC-GRABOVAČA covers an area of 5620,72 ha.

The area of protected landscape, except speleological objects and the canyon of the river Lika, is characterized by the elevations of the Lika highlands.

Protected landscape


Special place is reserved for speleology - scientist have been researching this area for over 180 years. Unique geological feature of the area is Velebit breccia rock. 

Protected landscape

River Lika

River Lika is flowing on the western borders of the park. Lika is the second longest subterranean river in Europe (78km)! It springs under the Velebit mountain, flows through the karstic canyon and then disappears underground through Markov abyss at the ned of the Kosinj valley. 

Protected landscape


Nine habitat are on the list of rare and endangered habibtats on national and European level.

Protected landscape


Newest data brings us to total of 118 species of plants (16 strictly protected, 6 endemic to Croatia).

Protected landscape

Cave fauna

It is recorded 19 types of cave fauna.Cave Samograd is habitat for Typhlotrechus bilimekii kiesenwetteri, a beetle endemic to Lika region.

Protected landscape


Park is also habitat for more than 20 species of mammals, plus 10 strictly protected species of bats.

Protected landscape


In this area there are 15 types of butterflies and 8 is strictly protected.

Protected landscape


Birds are the most widespread group and untill today is recorded more than 81 bird species, 24 are stricty protected. The only criticaly endangered species is golden eagle, (Aquila chrysaetos)..