Cave park Grabovača is full of natural phenomena like cave Samograd, protected as a geomorphological natural monument, and river Lika, the second largest sinking river in Europe. The entrance to the cave Samograd looks like a portal into a fantastic story full of dragons, fairies, and other creatures from fairy tales. The only comparison worthy of this speleological phenomenon is that it resembles a cathedral or the mines of Moria. Curious visitors have been exploring its charms since the Bronze Age, and it was first open for tourist in the late 19th century when the local population carved 474 steps which are still in use today!


Numerous educational trails have been arranged, such as the 'Man and Karst' trail, 3.5 km long; 'Following the Traces of Mirko Malez' trail - 2 km; 'Flora' trail - 1.3 km, 'Fauna' trail - 700m, and the Forest trail - 123m. The trails vary in difficulty and theme, so choose the one that is most suitable for your little one. An essential part of visiting Grabovača viewpoint Ploče which offers a breathtaking view. 

Enjoy a fun and educational trip and visit Cave park Grabovača!

The spacious green areas and a variety of interesting activities are the perfect combination for spending a day in nature! Cave park Grabovača is ideal for children because of the excellent children's playground with a slide, sandbox, and swings.

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The small herbal garden hides numerous secrets intended for the education and entertainment of our youngest visitors. In hobbit house , there is a book of plant species that grow in the park area, which our hobbit diligently collected and maintained, while the Faryland is home to small magical beings that encourage the growth of the most beautiful flowers and trees.

Adults can enjoy relaxation and socializing at barbecue spots in 'BBQ place', while children can indulge in numerous fun activities such as Pan's labyrinth.