Being a complex of clean nature, Cave Park Grabovača offers a variety of experiences and values in an ecological, scientific, esthetic and educational sense.


The basic idea of all of the workshops is familiarising children with the importance of nature preservation for future generations – familiarising them with the term sustainable development.


In the area of Grabovača and wider, the oldest sediments are from (Upper) Cretaceous period that lasted from 144 – 66 milion years ago and is represented with layers of limestone breccias.

Natural Heritage

In the area between the river Lika and Perušić is recorded a total of nine caves protected by law. In addition, the three caves are individually protected in the category of geomorphological monument of nature.


According to the Köppen climate division in Croatia, region of Lika belongs to the type Cfb - moderately warm and humid climate with warm summers. However, the winters are very cold.

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